WATCH: Prophet forces man to choose between wife and side-chick at church


‘This is a lesson to everyone here,’ says the prophet as the wife and side-chick talk it out.

In one of the most shocking revelations in a church, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of the Believers Kingdom Light Ministries in Zimbabwe exposed a congregant.

In a video posted on YouTube, the prophet can be seen talking to a woman and asks her if she’s married. After admitting to having a husband, the prophet tells her she is “cursed” and a loved one could die from the curse.

He then tells the woman that her husband is in the very same church building and that he brought another woman with him.

Scared of dying after being told his burial date would be revealed, the man comes out of the crowd. Moments later, his side chick follows him, though she was not called out.

The prophet then forces the man to choose between the wife and the side chick.

He goes for his wife and kisses her. He then tells the not-so-secret couple to delete each other’s contact details, warning the man that the day they meet again to continue with their affair will be his last.

Watch the video below: