WATCH: Head found in backpack in Durban



Durban police are searching for the body of an unidentified man whose head was found in a backpack in the CBD on Friday morning.

Two people have been arrested in connection with the discovery.

It is alleged that the man had phoned a sangoma, saying that he had the head of a human for sale. The sangoma agreed to meet him in a parking lot on Short Street at 9am on Friday morning.

It is not clear who tipped off the police, but the both were arrested before the sale could take place. It is alleged that the man tried to flee over a wall into the nearby railway lines when police arrived, but he was apprehended by the parking lot security guard who thought he was attempting to steal a car.

A  black backpack was found with the head concealed inside two plastic packets. The sangoma, dressed in Zulu traditional gear, was also arrested. It is alleged that the man had cut off the head in the early hours of this morning. It is unclear what price the man had asked for the head.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane said police were still piecing together what had transpired.

Hundreds of curious onlookers chanted “Show us the head!” before police moved them back and cordoned off the road.

Daily News