The time to Trek has come once again


Let’s face it. Our beloved country South Africa is no more. It is fast becoming part of Dark Africa. We can no longer live there in peace and safety. There is no future for our children and grandchildren. I can go on and on about what has gone wrong and speculate about the future but if you are reading this you have probably already come to the conclusion that it is time to get out before it is too late.


What we all want

To live in peace and security.

To have a decent roof over our heads.

To have food security.

To have proper medical care.

To have a high standard of education for our children.

To have the knowledge that our children will have a bright future.

To have the peace of mind that we will be looked after when the time comes that we cannot look after ourselves anymore.

To live in a community of people with the same values and cultural backgrounds as us.


We want to live in an “Old South Africa” where you can sleep with your doors and windows open, where you don’t have to hide behind electric fences and alarm systems, where you don’t have to look over your shoulder every minute of the day, where you don’t have to pay taxes that get squandered and stolen by corrupt politicians, where your money doesn’t lose more value every day.


What are the options?

For many people, English-speaking countries are a natural choice. Especially places like Australia and New Zealand are very popular. The other options are the USA, Canada, Britain and some of the European countries. However, for many people, it is very difficult or even impossible to move to one of the English speaking or European countries. In most cases, some kind of visa is required and the criteria for obtaining residency are of such a nature that many do not qualify. You are too old, or do not have the right qualifications, or do not have enough money. In many cases, it is a combination of all or even three of these factors that make it impossible. In addition, the Rand is worth nothing in these countries.


There are other alternatives.


There are other countries where one can get permanent residency and where the criteria are not so high. The biggest problem is usually that the language and culture of such countries deter people and not without reason. It’s hard enough to adjust in an English-speaking country, and even more so in a country where you cannot understand a word what people say and where their culture is vastly different from yours.


One of these alternatives is Paraguay in South America.


Why Paraguay?

It is a beautiful country with friendly people and a fairly stable economy.

As a South African, no visa is required to visit Paraguay.

It is fairly easy and cheap to acquire Permanent Residency.

Living costs in Paraguay compare very well to those of South Africa.

All products and services are freely available as in South Africa.

Good schools and top class medical facilities are available.

Taxes are very low. Maximum 10%.

There is an initiative in place to help South Africans relocate, find their feet and help them to make a success of this big step.


Basic Concept

In order to ensure that the big move to Paraguay will be a success for most people, the plan is to establish an organization that will provide all its members with all the necessary assistance and support. Not only with the initial move, but also with the adaptation in this new country with its foreign languages ​​and culture. Furthermore, it is planned to establish a sort of “South African Colony” where members can establish them temporarily or permanently and where they will receive continuous support.