“The time for blaming apartheid is over” – Zulu King Zwelithini


King Zwelithini has hit out at the poor quality of education in South Africa. The Zulu King from Kwazulu-Natal has deemed it unacceptable that the country ranks lower than some of the poorest countries in Africa.

Zwelithini says the interference of unions, selling of teacher and principal posts, alcohol, drugs and the lack of dedicated teachers were to blame for the current state of education.   The King was addressing a gathering of principals in Ulundi on Tuesday when he said the time for blaming apartheid is over. He began his speech by referring to a study that found South Africa to be ranked 75 out of 76 countries.


“While some of these problems could be attributed to the lack of resources during apartheid, we cannot run away from taking responsibility as parents and teachers and you as principals. Some of the schools are in a state never even imagined during apartheid.”

“There is a danger when some hold us at ransom when things don’t go their way.

“Those who do so mean they are more important than educating our children,” he said in reference to unions in the education sector.

The King furiously condemned the allegations of selling posts in the Education Department, saying is has a huge negative impact on the quality of teachers that are in the system.

“In some areas the word teacher has become synonymous with drunkard. The profession is in danger of losing its integrity because there are many who enter the profession because they are seeking employment.

“Teaching is not a place to hide, it is a calling.”

The KZN Department of Education has set a target for a 76% matric pass this year. KZN Education MEC Mthandeni Dlungwane told IOL that the the national picture depends on KZN to come to the party with Matric results.

“There are more than 154000 pupils for the province this year. Therefore, if we decline as KZN, nationally there will be a decline. As we are going to increase this year, it means that the country will increase.”