The Story Of The Abandoned Kempton Park Hospital Is Quite The Mystery!


The hospital has a 24 hour guard watch to protect it from vandalising and people like me from entering. But that did not stop them from allowing me in with a quick R50 exchanging hands.

The Kempton Park Hospital was closed on 26 December 1996 due to short staff. There were only two part time doctors left and most of the nurses had resigned.

There was talk in 2006 of re-open the Kempton Park hospital, but due to complications with tenders for a refurbishment this never happened.

Premier Nomvula Mokonyane promised that the Kempton Park Hospital renamed, Kyalami Hospital in Kempton Park would be reopened. The plan is to re-open the hospital on a semi private basis. But who knows if this will ever happen.

In the meantime the security guards are scoring big time from bribes, allowing people to go on a ghost hunt or just to have fun exploring the scary wards and facilities within this old hospital.