Regime wants to accelerate land grab program


The Land Surveyor General appointed by the ANC regime, and commissioned on behalf of the Zuma government, apparently began to look at the fertile soil of the Far Northern Transvaal and the Eastern Transvaal.

Reliable information transferred to Die Vryburger indicates that they focused on about five or six “selected” farms in the Eastern Transvaal and at least one farm in the Northern Transvaal.

It appears that the farms will be expropriated because the owners had previously refused to accept the Land Surveyor general’s valuation.

The total of just over R57 million for the seven top farms was the appraiser’s offer, but the owners have refused to sell at such low prices.

Rumors are that the government is now working to prepare documentation to expropriate farms.

Experts point out that the expropriation of farms will be the start of a complete takeover of agricultural land, which will severely jeopardize food security because expertise in most cases is lacking by the new landowners.

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