Over 1.1 Million Foreign Arrivals Recorded In South Africa: June 2017 Facts


Information from Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) has it that South Africa recorded over 1 million foreign arrivals in June 2017. In all, it’s said that the country witnessed 3, 192 858 travelers in the month.

This includes arrivals, departures and transits which passed through South Africa’s port of entry. And, they are made up of almost 1 million (912,374) South African residents and over 2 million (2,280,484) foreign travelers.


Of the over 1 million foreign arrivals (1,155,058) recorded, 1,082,675 were visitors and the rest (72,383) non-visitors. While 373, 697 of the visitors arrived and departed on the same day, it was specified that the remaining 708,978 were tourists and thus, stayed overnight.

Foreign Arrivals Boost Tourism Generally, the figures cited above reflects growth in tourism for South Africa. As a country seeking to increase its foreign revenues, this is a good thing for Mzansi. Precisely, Stats SA indicated that “tourists increased by 2.5% from 691,414 in June 2016.” The following is a breakdown of the growth experience: 1.

Overseas Tourists at 151,736, Increased by 11.8% from 135,780 in June 2016 Here, Stats SA divulged that the highest increase of 175.7 percent was for tourists from Brazil. The figure increased from 2,071 in June 2016 to 5,710 in June 2017.

Brazil is followed by France which recorded 29.3 percent increase. The number of French tourists climbed from 5,792 in June 2016 to 7,491 in June 2017. 2. Tourists from SADC (Southern African Development Community) Increased by 0.7% from 541,262 in June 2016 From what we learnt, the highest increase here was for tourists from Angola. With 13.7%, it increased from 2,474 in June 2016 to 2,813 in June 2017.

Mozambique comes next at 12.8% reflecting an increase of 11,709 from 91,574 in June 2016 to 103,283 in June 2017. 3. Tourists from other African Countries Decreased by 16.0% from 13,549 in June 2016 With 11,387 tourists recorded here, it was indicated that less people from other African countries toured South Africa. The highest increase (11.1%) was for tourists from Egypt. They increased from 449 in June 2016 to 499 in June 2017. Next in line was Kenya, with an increase of 8.3%. 1,882 Kenyan tourists were documented in June 2016. The figure for June 2017 is 2,039. Disregarding those, there were 955 tourists whose country of origin were unspecified. Check Out – Poverty In South Africa: 5 Painful Facts You Don’t Want To Know Other Things To Know About Foreign Arrivals 1. Majority of the tourists used road transport.

According to Stats SA, “about three quarters, 528,727 (74,6%) of tourists used road transport and about one quarter, 180,091 (25,4%) used air transport, while a smaller number, 160 (less than 0,1%) used sea transport.” 2. Most of the tourists were on holiday  21,884 (3.1%) of the tourists came for business, 3,628 (0.5%) came to study and the majority 683,466 (96.4%) were on holiday. 3.

SA welcomed more males than female tourists For the period under review, tourists were made up of 401,957 (56,7%) males and 307,021 (43,3%) females.

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