I keep hearing noises…


Now more than ever, I don’t feel safe in my own place. Yes I check the gate motors nightly to ensure they’re all closed; make sure all the windows latched and burglar bars secure. I check that the security lights outside are working and ensure I hear the annoying tick-tick-tick of the electric fence energizer. I make sure my phone is charged for any emergency.

I switch on the iPad to view the entire CCTV cameras outside around the house. Earlier when I let the dogs out to do their patrol, I made sure that the voice activated PIR detectors also work.


Now safe in my bed, I activate the whole house alarm except the section from the safety gate in the hallway blocking entry to our bedrooms. I read my bible and say a prayer for all our safety, then switch of the light. I lay there in the dark for a while and start hearing sounds in the neighborhood and have to decide if it’s a normal or a threatening sound… is it a sound I should act on or may I stay calm?

This is the environment so many of our people find themselves each night – What do we have to do to ensure our safety and that of our loved ones?

When will we ever feel safe in our own homes?