Hero caught on camera risking his life to save an elderly woman during the #DurbanStorm


Nicole Alisha was sitting in her car waiting out the flooding when she noticed a man walking through the flooded street to help an elderly lady from her car.


Nicole Alisha was in her car when she saw a man strip most of his clothing off and head out through the rushing flood water to help an elderly lady that was panicked and trapped in her car.

Nicole captured the hero on her phone and shared the touching moment on Facebook.

“Before the police arrived, this man jumped out of his car, took his clothes off (in the freezing cold) to help an elderly lady- who was obviously stressing the f*&% out and helped her to safety.”

“I just want to stress that in times like these people risk their lives for others- he didn’t know what debris or other stuff was floating under that water. True courage and I just want to give a shout out to everyone who put other people before themselves today! God bless you and your families forever”

She commended the man for his bravery and selflessness. The incident took place on the N2 which was badly flooded.

“He literally doggy paddled across the road to her car… my heart! This I will never get over”

People have been calling this man a hero for his actions. The comments are filled with well wishes and thanks for his courage.

“A true Angel and a hero rolled in one. A big thank you to this man and all the others who rescued people trapped in their cars and helped them to safety.” – Mandy Park

“These are the times when the goodness of humanity comes out! A true hero and so much more!” – Susan Mortlock

The elderly lady has come forward to let us know it was her and how terrified she was in the car.

“I am the elderly lady in the car and I am eternally grateful to the gentleman who stopped his Time Freight van and rescued me. I was petrified and he assured me that he was also a lifesaver…. truly my hero.Thank you” – Janet Hart

Click the link for an update to the story as the GoodThingsGuy community helped find the Durban hero responsible for saving an elderly lady in less than 12 hours.