Graphic footage: Russian police slay 3 gunmen, injure 2 in Moscow shootout (18 +)


BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:03 P.M.) – Several days ago, five suspected criminals who were on trial for a series of gang-related drive-by shootings in Moscow broke free whilst in a city courthouse, seizing weapons from security staff and taking a hostage.

After an unspecified period of time, Russian police stormed the courtroom where the gunmen were held up, opening fire on the point of contact and killing three out of the five criminals and injuring the other two.


One of the gunmen, in addition to being involved in criminal activity within Russia, had served within the Islamic State jihadist militia in Syria, making him a terrorist also.

The particular criminal organization to which the men belonged is known as the ‘Grand Theft Auto Gang’ in Muscovite policing circles.