Careworker punches elderly dementia patient in the head


Why would someone do something like this? Warning: This video is not for sensitive viewers.

Although this footage is enough to make your blood boil, if you have an elderly parent in a care facility, it’ll probably make you sit up and pay even more attention..


Shocking to say the least…

A recording of a careworker punching an elderly dementia patient in the face 11 times has gone viral and resulted in the employee of the care home being arrested and charged with assault.

The family of the 89-year-old man became concerned after they found some unexplained injuries on his body, so the elderly man’s grandson installed a high definition camera in his room.

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Can you imagine the shock when the footage clearly shows the careworker coming to change the elderly man’s nappy… but instead launches a brutal attack on the the confused patient. Disgusting.

The frail man tries to stop the man punching him, but the careworker hits him at least 11 times.

I wonder how much of this goes on in frail care homes that we just don’t know about?

Warning: This video is not for sensitive viewers.