‘Cape Flats hitman’ brags behind a scarf that he kills anyone and everyone ‘every day’


‘If I have to kill you, I must kill you,’ says the man, though the authenticity of his story is in question.

A video of an apparent hitman from the Cape Flats talking about his killing spree has emerged and left social media in shock. In the video, the man, whose face is covered in a scarf, is interviewed by a British woman who asks him a range of questions about his “job”.

He brags that he kills people every day for money.


“For the big bosses, if you kill the big bosses you get like R50 000 and if you kill the soldiers it’s about R20 000,” he says.

It wouldn’t be hard to find him or someone like him, he says, as every second guy in his township knows about him.

The job doesn’t take much planning either, he claims, so it would take him a week at most to kill someone.

“I could kill you anytime, during the day or night, if I have a gun,” he says. He’ll kill you because you’re going to kill him.

Getting caught is not on the list of his worries as he will get out of prison and continue with his life anyway, he says.

This guy says killing someone has never been a problem for him as he simply does it for the money. He doesn’t feel guilty because the same person wouldn’t feel anything if they had to kill him. He did not even feel anything when he did it the first time.

“Before I killed him, he shot me,” he says.

He doesn’t turn down any job, though he would have to “think” about killing a woman or child.

However, “If I have to kill you, I must kill you.”

He prefers to target the chest and head – the main parts of the body. He uses all his bullets but “keeps three”.

He says: “We just go there and I do my thing.”

Comments on the video were filled with outrage, with most calling for his head. Some, however, did not believe a word he said, saying he would not be living in those conditions if he made so much money. Killing someone every day was not likely either, they argued.

“If they get paid so much money how come they still living in poor areas …. I mean u take a life for money so y are u not living the high life seeing as they get paid so much …… Just goes to show money is the devil it turns you into a monster,” wrote one Facebook user.

It’s probable that this was just a youngster on the Flats playing  prank on a gullible journalist, but who knows.

Do you believe him?

Watch the video below from Viral Leaks: