Brutal farm attack, mom and young children savagely beaten, Bokfontein


On 14 April 2018, at approximately 01:00 about seven suspects attacked a farm in Bokfontein in the North West.

Two of the attackers gained access to the house by opening a sliding door and by opening the bolts locking the gate from the inside. They then proceeded to open the doors inside the house by removing the hinge pins.

They were armed with tonfas (police style batons) and a sambok, they brutally attacked a woman and her 9, and 13 year old daughters by hitting them over the head and their backs.

Both the attackers spoke English, and were tall and skinny. They wore black clothes and had hoodies on.

The family had 2 big dogs outside, only laptop and two cellphones were taken. No arrests have been made yet.
An ambulance responded to attend to the injured family and trauma counselors are tending to the them.

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