ANC is considering reducing the number of provinces


Old plans of the ANC to reduce the number of provinces in the country are being looked at again, while opposition parties disagree.

The ANC is considering reducing the number of provinces from nine to six, but it is not yet certain how the new provinces will be compiled.

Analysts are divided by their views on the matter.

On the one hand, there are those who believe it may be good for the country, as many gravy train jobs can be canceled, which can result in huge cost savings.

Other analysts agree with opposition parties that it could help the ANC to retain power in certain provinces. By adding certain parts of North West and the Eastern Transvaal to the PWV, the ANC can contribute to maintaining longer control over the PWV.

One aspect that has not yet been settled is the possibility of a massive uprising and even violence over the plans. Numerous cases had already occurred where communities started violent uprising when local authorities were reclassified, and residents refused to be classified into a new environment.

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