On Tuesday 2017-03-28 at approximately 12:00

Chantal De Lange a 25 year old Queensburgh resident Was on her way home and about 200 meters from her residence in Huntley road when she was attacked by a unknown African male, a witness described the attack as Ruthless, he came out of nowhere grabbed Chantal and Then stabbed her through the heart, only her phone was taken

The suspect then fled into nearby bushes. Community members tried effortlessly To get hold of bellair saps but little to no assistance was received and they only managed to dispatch A vehicle almost an hour later, claiming they were understaffed  by then Chantal already succumbed  to her injuries.  Steve Lloyd a local Resident claims that there has been more than 5 robberies in the same area this week and nothing gets done, its always the same excuses no vehicles or our police station is understaffed, how must we feel safe he asked.

Another Queensburgh resident said she and her husband tried for more than 30 minutes to get hold of local police with no luck.

Queensburgh residents reached out on facebook group Queensburgh buy swap and sell and promised to take matters further if local police stations don’t help in the fight against crime they have also started to contribute money for any info that can lead to the arrest of the murderer


Anyone with info can contact 10111